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Turntable Treat the point
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Turntable Treat the point

When we operate  wheel alignment, it is confronted with many occasion to be negligent a very important parts 

when wheel alignment operate measures eventhough it emphasize too  many  accurate and reliable data's, feel itself without deficit.

in oder  to obtain accurate measure data, it is important each parts complement equipment's accusation and itself function as much as wheel alignment products accusation.

Equipment : turnable, clamp or lift ,horizontal, etc to operate right turntable

1. is it apply oil and grease to acetal ball middle part of turntable?
                                                                    <<answer : No>>

2. is it no concern measure's data to use without front and rear wheel of turntable?
                                                                    <<answer : No>>

3. is it no efficient measure's data to fix roughly horizontal of turntable?
                                                                    <<answer : No>>

4. is it no efficient measure's data not to segregate enough tire of moving to tight turntable?
                                                                    <<answer : No>>

Number 1.: Turntable should become turning and slipping freely, to be used long time or under bad condition
it would experience tight turntable.
However  in case of apply oil and grease at around ball, it  will expect slipping well to apply lubrication oil.
but within short time, tight agin especially our company use acetal ball not steel ball between up and down panel from the first between turntable steel quality up and down panel to apply acetal ball, out of refract abrasion phenonenon to rub, device part to use no need lubrication.
because in cause of being sticky lubrication, permeated mud, dust
object matter etc, prevent from free slipping and turning of turn table.
However to use no need lubrication, without inconvenience to clean breakdown frequently from object matter, to  clean aircon strongly without breakdown to dusty into object matter. meanwhile to use acetal ball is not abrasion rate almost to compare with steel ball using products. acetal ball can use long time without refract abrasion, device part, to obtain accurate measurement data to attain normal function.

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