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date of apply: 12-03-07 09:27
When it adjust an wheel alignment which prevent from handle position warping
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When it adjust an wheel alignment which prevent from handle position warping
after adjustment of wheel alignment, mostly you would experience to turn one paint or two points to middle position of handle.
in this case most abnormal illusion of  wheel alignment equipment .
it is universal to doubt frist whether breakdown of equipment.
of course in cause of wheel alignment equipment breakdown, to be occasion
incorrect of position handle, it acknowledge firstly to be rarefied very probability  like that.
first of all before wheel alignment measures operation, we are part to regard to pay no attention carelessly and must confirm handle position and vehicle turning radius essentially.
after setting up lift vehicles, to status no fixing wheel alignment measures head to vehicle, to fix front and rear tuntable and surely after " on"  engine of vehicle, handle end of right, end of left, after several time turning repeatedly, to confirm same as both turning degree.
if it is shacked tire turning to one side, when it adjust former wheel alignment, after operation adjust measure not to confirm turning radius, in case of tester handle to be turned, at will handle  pulling at middle position to conduce, it is higher possibility to operate that driver doesn't feel not to pull out handle at will when fixing handle before measure after inspection enough loose-fitting, to adjust accurate at middle position, not to turn handle position absolutely to correct wheel alignment as for vehicle data.
of course lift and turntable horizontality, it should say in case of vehicle air pressure's normal condition .
in this case it occur problem of safety drive to twist lift and right turning point of vehicle.
without confirmation turning point of this vehicle, when it adjusts operating, handle should be turned surely
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