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Example of installation
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date of apply: 12-11-09 16:11
Export packing preparation~
 name : admin
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Exports than domestic sales, a lot of our alignment of Modern
The above photo is an export model.
Is the same as domestic model and color.
Delivery to the buyers name, but the request.
Above model, the program is delivered in the local language.
Alignment using languages ​​are available for selection.
Korean, English, Uzbekistan.
Now, the Vietnamese language is working!
Except for some countries the exports are mostly in English.


Total 56
No. SubjectnameDatehit
56 Autobody Motors Wireless Alignment BEST-7000 admin01-06995
55 Hyundai-BLUhands ( Seongwon Motors) wireless Alignment BEST-… admin01-061029
54 Kia Motors Gwangju Service Center Wireless alignment BEST-7… admin08-311150
53 Alignment container operations admin07-27874
52 Waiting for export packing alignment admin07-27839
51 KOICA (Bangladesh), Daelim University education admin07-27907
50 Nexen Tire&Fit Jinsha gongdan branch office (Busan Auto Ca… admin07-27910
49 Ssangyong Paju Service Plaza Wireless Alignment BEST-7000 admin07-27930
48 Nexen TireTech Cheorwon branch office admin07-27844
47 Wonju Taepoong car maintenance center admin07-27883
46 Export packing preparation~ admin11-091032
45 Color selection Wheel alignment model admin11-09991
44 Sang-dong branch office KIA Motors AUTO Q admin07-311395
43 Hyundai Mobis Changwon factory BEST-5800 admin07-281339
42 The 2st Shop of Tirerech jinjeop admin07-181107
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